Why are cats so popular?

Cats will steal your heart, they’re infamous charmers, just look at Instagram, FB, or Reddit! Cats are famous for many reasons. Some are famous for their beauty, others for looking, well, fugly. Some cats are famous because of their famous owners. Some cats are famous actors. like Orangey in “Breakfast at Tiffany.” Some cats transcend the normal pet-owner relationship by performing miraculous acts of devotion and loyalty, like a street cat named Bob, who had a film dedicated to him.

A Complete List of Famous Felines is Impossibly Long, So We Chose Our Favorites.

Cats with famous owners

Many celebrities are cat lovers.
To mention them all, we’d need a book, not an article. Should we start with Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, Clark Gable, James Dean, Kurt Cobain, Freddy Mercury, Brigitte Bardot or someone else? Marlon Brando famously said, “I live in my cat’s house.”

This rings true with every cat lover and cat parent. A cat is not just a pet. Cats have such big personalities, it’s hard not to think of them as a person ;-). This is why cats take over our homes and hearts. Brigitte Bardot claimed she was a cat transformed into a woman. Many celebrities love cats and share their lives with many cats.

We will highlight some cat owners who dedicated their works to their cats.

Charles Bukowski adored his cats, and it’s not surprising he wrote a poem to them.

The poem name is “My Cats “, and we are happy to share it with you.

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Charles Bukowski

My Cats
I know. I know.
they are limited, have different
needs and

but I watch and learn from them.
I like the little they know,
which is so

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Charles Bukowski

they complain but never
they walk with a surprising dignity.
they sleep with a direct simplicity that
humans just can’t

their eyes are more
beautiful than our eyes.
and they can sleep 20 hours
a day
hesitation or

when I am feeling
all I have to do is
watch my cats
and my

I study these

they are my


Famous cats and what makes cats famous
David Bowie

David Bowie wrote the lyrics of the theme song for the movie Cat People. He was a well-known cat lover, and it wasn’t surprising he got that task. From his regular musical albums, other songs also have cat’s mentions like Ziggy Stardust – a cat from Japan or the song Future Legend mentioned the size of cats.

Here we expose a part of the song Cat people:

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
“See these eyes so green
I can stare for a thousand years
Colder than the moon
It’s been so long
Feel my love enraged
It’s just the fear of losing you
Don’t you know my name
You’ve been so long… “


Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld had to keep and take care of the friend’s cat for two weeks. Cat’s name was Choupette, a blue-eyed white Birman cat. When the friend came back to pick the cat, the story goes – Karl said he would not give Choupette back as Choupette is his now. Choupette became a very famous cat and got a book with her name and photos. Karl Lagerfeld once said that he couldn’t believe how the cat changed his life as he never owned a cat before – Karl felt energy-charged behind the cat and thought he had become a better person near the Choupette.


Cats famous by themselves

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
James Bowen

A ginger street cat named Bob rescued James Bowen from homelessness and drug addiction. One night James noticed a hungry cat in his apartment which was looking for food. James thought the cat might belong to someone so he let the cat out so it
could return home. But the cat appeared again and started to follow James wherever
he went. Taking care of Bob and receiving affection from Bob changed James’ life –
from being a homeless addict to being famous, healthy, and successful.



Cats famous for movie roles

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Mr Bigglesworth

Mr Bigglesworth was a Sphynx cat who played a role in Austin Powers movies as dr. Evil’s hairless cat. Cat’s real name is Ted Nugent. Mr Bigglesworth popularized the Sphynx breed from Canada as the cat amused a multitude of people. There is a story Mr Bigglesworth liked Mike Myers very much and spent many hours sleeping on his lap while recording a movie. The film director primarily chose the role for dogs, but, as it goes, the cat got it ;-).


Orangey was a tabby cat in marmalade colour. She was an animal actor trained by animal handler Frank Inn. Orangey even win two PATSY Awards, an animal actor’s award similar to humans Oscar. It wasn’t easy to prepare cats for all those movies, and the cat was often called the world’s meanest cat. Cat’s roles were in the Rhubarb, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Diary of Anne Frank and many more movies. This male cat had a role in Tv series Our Miss Brooks and Batman. Orangey died in his old age and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.


Cats famous by the look

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat

Popular Grumpy cat or Tardar Sauce was a cat famous for her prickly facial appearance. Tardar Sauce was born to a calico mother and tabby cat father as a domestic cat with a unique outlook. This grumpy looking cat had dwarfism what made her face look permanently grumpy. Grumpy’s photo was published on Reddit, and the cat instantly became popular. Cat’s photo was used for many ironical, cynical and humorous memes. The cat became popular in 2012.  


Lil Bub

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Lil Bub

Sweet small Lil Bub was born with many genetic anomalies, which made this cat never grow up. Staying a kitten, all life is called a “perma-kitten “cat. Her oddities made her famous, and she lived a life of a happy and healthy cat. She became popular at the same time as Grumpy cat. The cat passed away in sleep while being at the age of eight. Lil Bub was an internet sensation.


Famous cats and what makes cats famous

Hamilton, the hipster cat, became internet popular while having the white fur pattern like a moustache on a dark grey coat head. Cats moustaches were so regularly and stylish formed what makes this cat an Instagram phenomenon.



Cats famous for wealth

Yes, You have read it correct – famous by a wealth!

Famous cats and what makes cats famous

Blackie, the cat, was the world’s wealthiest cat according to Guinness World Records until 2018. Blackie inherited so many millions from his owner Ben Rea, and Blackie became the multi-millionaire successor. Cats can not legally own anything, and they inherit the money through some pet trust association that is obligated to take care of them after the owner’s death.

Yes, there are wealthier cats than Blackie. Gunther IV inherited 200 million dollars and Gigoo 15 million. Tommaso, the black cat from Italy, inherited 13 million dollars. It seems some black cats don’t live unhappy lives.

Cats famous by propaganda – cats from social media

Famous cats and what makes cats famous

Instagram cats became famous in 2012, and we can take this year as the year of the birth of many Instagram famous cats. Nala was a sick kitten that lived in a shelter. But thanks to owners care and medication Nala flourished in the world’s beauty. Nala was the world’s most-followed cat as she had an adorable face with crossed big eyes, and her owner wrote original captions while posting Nala’s photos.

Cole and Marmalade

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Cole and Marmalade

The story of rescuing animals embrace all hearts, but when it comes to Chris Poole, the man who saved two semi-strayed cats from the street – charity is emphasized to a long-life activity. His favourite breed is “Rescued cat “. Life with the rescued cats and full-time devotion to these innocent beings made Cole and Marmalade cat’s duo sympathetic, followed and very loved.


White Coffee Cat

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
White Coffee Cat

White Coffee Cat, aka as Coffee, won hearts and fans when she was diagnosed with cancer, kidney lymphoma. Sweet Coffee’s owners shared her struggles and stories. With her big bright blue eyes and custom posts, she had many admiring followers.



Instagram followers can make cats famous. Here are cats whose Instagram accounts
have more than one million followers: Grumpy Cat, Nala, Lil Bub, Hamilton The
Hipster Cat, Waffles Cat, Fumeancat, Oscar The Blind Cat, White Coffee Cat, Suki
Cat, Hosico, Coby, Smoothie, Venus The Two-Faced Cat, Pudge The Cat,
Cole&Marmalade, SamHasEyebrows.

Famous cats and what makes cats famous
Famous cats and what makes cats famous

Thanks to Instagram, famous cats like Lil’ Bub and Hamilton the Hipster Cat, more people may adopt cats. They are cat ambassadors helping to educate the public on the importance of pet care, health, and the need for rescue adoption. It also has
many people how loving and loyal cats can be.

We hope this article increases your admiration and curiosity about cats. 🙂